This is my second testimonial for Suzy. She predicted a life changing event over six months ago and it happened at the beginning of this year. She is always able to explain what's going on with such clarity and can see well into the future. She can tell you where you are in your life, which puts your mind at rest, as it helps you to understand where you are supposed to be at a given point in time. I look forward to speaking to you again soon.


I got lucky in catching Suzy to speak to...All of Suzy's testimonials are really true! You WILL NOT regret choosing her! I have had many readings.. This one was OUTSTANDING..I have left a testimonial before.. You are a very special lady. A star. Sincere thanks.. Michelle..


An honest WOW...!!! a truthful TRULY AMAZING reading.. Suzy SHONE.. Clear, concise evidence on my current situation.. Very satisfied as Suzy gave me truly clear insights, soul deep and karmic views on what is happening and why...and practical but loving healing advice.. I have had many readings recently.. very blessed to have had the chance to speak to Suzy.., bless you...Thank you x


After a good few days stressing about my situation I called Suzy for an open and honest insight into what was happening. Thank you so much for reassuring me that it will all work out and that we do have a soul mate connection. I now understand that although I am ready to move forward my ex still has a bit of catching up to do but you tell me that he will return within the next 4 months and that I will be surprised at the changes in him. In the meantime I will look after myself and enjoy the present. Thank you again x


Excellent reading! Needed a little bit of guidance with my relationship and she got it all spot on, it's helped me see a lot clearer would def recommend Suzy.


22nd October 23.10. What a breath of fresh air, clarity, intelligence and eloquence. The karmic triangle described so clearly. No easy route, but thank you. Left on the note of moving to ask for help and support. Yes, I need to go to crystals too


Dearest Suzy, Thank you so much for taking the time to calm my nerves about my relationship once again this evening. This is the third reading you have done for me and you are consistent with every reading. I Know in my heart he is the one for us as does my daughter, but when my head lets my faith wobble you are always on hand to guide me and get me back on track. Thank you so much. You are like a dear friend in my hour of need. Namaste Becky xxx If you need, honest, loving guidance this lady is the one to choose. Absolutely the best that there is.


Had a reading with Suzy today 8/4/13. Just want to say thank you so much.

Such a amazing reader, honestly, she read me like a book without me saying much and has given me a lot faith.

I will trust what you predicted in new job coming forward and him coming back. Truly try Suzy, such an amazing lady. xx


Amazing reading, thank you. Suzy tuned into me straight away and was spot on to the situation and my needs. She didn't hesitate about anything but instinctively knew what was happening for me, and the conversation flowed lovely. Definitely recommend Suzy :) x x


Lovely reader. I had just 10 minutes with her last night. That's all I needed and she made me feel better as my heart was breaking at the time. She gave me hope. I hope her prediction comes true, and will post if it does. Thank you.


Had my first reading off Suzy tonight (23.02.13) and she is definitely one of the best readers on the site and I have had enough readings to tell. Suzy was articulate and insightful and really described my situation and future options very well. I would have no hesitation in recommending Suzy to others looking for a sensitive and accurate reader. LnL G. x


Dear Suzy. Thank you so much for your time and patience with me this evening. You have managed to put my mind at ease over my relationship worries, thank you so much. I will look into chakras more as you suggested thank you for that advice. I look forward to talking to you again in the future. Peace, love and light B. xx Anyone looking for honest, caring guidance look no further. This lady is fantastic at what she does. One of the best I have come across. I will definitely be ringing for readings in the future..xx


I have just had the most wonderful, uplifting reading with this amazing lady. My heart already feels mended. Lot's of thing's confirmed, some of which I knew deep within myself already. Suzy I can't begin to thank you enough. Tomorrow is a new day, and a day closer to rekindling my dreams. xx


Outstanding reader. Knows what she is saying and doesn't guess. Can see through all your issues and you will be feeling very reassured and calm after the reading. I have hope and faith that the predictions will come true very soon. Blessings to you Suzy. Keep up the good work. xx


This lady is amazing. She picked up immediately on what was going on. She described the people involved and the situation so quickly.

She has a very kind and understanding way of reading which helped me understand what's actually going on. She gave me hope and belief in myself to know that I am on the right track.

I would highly recommend Suzy if you really want to know what is really going on. Thank you, I will call again. H


I felt guided to turn to Suzy for a reading ...... I was not disappointed. She was lovely, gentle, empathic and helped restore my faith in myself. She did make predictions regarding my love life, which I do hope come to pass. The reading gave me validations that by trusting my own intuitions, which I have been doing lately, are all good. With Suzy's experience in healing and counselling, together with her clairvoyant abilities I would recommend this lovely lady 100%. She was so insightful into my current situation in life, how things are beginning to change for the better and how things will continue to improve. Thank you so much. Much love. x


What a lovely reading I had from Suzy yesterday. It was very clear and warm, She was so helpful. Do give this lady a call you will not be disappointed. Love and light, A


Dear Suzy, thanks for the lovely reading yesterday. It helped me so much to talk to someone who understands.

I will definately come back and keep you up to date with the horror!!!!! Please give this lovely lovely lady a call she is so easy to talk to. You won't regret it. Take care Suzy. Love to you. Sarah






I have had readings from Suzy several times now. I can confidently say she has been incredibly helpful. This lady is a real empath and gives crystal clear insight about my personal and professional life every time I receive a reading from her. She has been a great guide especially the times I got stuck in certain situations. Her approach is realistic but also soothing. Her predictions about my changing career situation have been just spot on over the last two years. I am a regular client of Suzy and definitely recommend her if you need an accurate reading with a great guidance. Thank you Suzy xx


I consult Suzy on a regular basis and have been meaning to write a testimonial for some time now. This reader is without a doubt, the best reader, she is amazing! She will give you meaningful insight into current situations and advise you as to various life lessons you need to learn. She is the only reader who has been able to give consistent, ongoing advice on my life journey and it is such a pleasure speaking to her. I always come away with peace of mind and a better understanding of why things are happening in my life. Thank you so much, Suzy!



Suzy. Thank you so much for not one but two wonderful readings today. You have once again put my mind at ease and reassured me that everything in my life is on the right path. It's always a pleasure talking to you. You have inspired me, reassured me, and instilled confidence in my own ability to give readings and heal others. You are a true healer of energy and emotion. You are a beautiful gifted Soul. I will be back in touch soon to let you know how things are developing. Wishing you peace, love and light in all that you do xx B


05/05/13 - Thank you Suzy for giving me the courage for what I am about to do. The cycle definitely needs to be broken. I am hoping your predictions for the future will come true!


First time reading with Suzy on 18/6/13. She was able tune in quickly and it was accurate. She was able to explain what is happening and also gave support. Her accuracy was shocking when she said she could see smiles! Please try her, I would highly recommend her. She has predicted some events to happen and will get back to you Suzy. Thank you.








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