Intuitive Counselling

Talking Therapies What is Intuitive Counselling?

Intuitive Counselling uses a combination of therapies and techniques to access various physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual blocks.

By focusing on conscious and subconscious issues, I successfully guide my clients throughout the process, in understanding and overcoming any limits, restrictions or problems they may be experiencing bringing in more balance, clarity and peace.If you want to free yourself from negative or destructive patterns and if you want to live a more positive and happy life then Intuitive counselling will help you to achieve that.

Each and every person that I work with is treated and recognised as individual and unique, with unique needs, we work together to create solutions and to find answers that will help you to become balanced and relaxed.

Using my natural Clairvoyancy and skills as a qualified Therapist I will be able to provide you with clear sight on how to become unstuck from any situation. During your session you will be provided with clear personal insight that relates to your own personal circumstances, using Eastern and Western Astrology, Tarot and Oracle cards, We will focus on your personal Karmic lessons, soul contracts, soul mate contracts and past, present and future opportunities.


In follow up sessions, I offer the opportunity to explore your life in a deeper way through Dream therapy, Past life Therapy and Law of Attraction Manifestation Therapy allowing you to live the life that you seek.

Intuitive Counselling & Healing

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Holistic Life Coaching

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