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I have had readings from Suzy several times now. I can confidently say she has been incredibly helpful. This lady is a real empath and gives crystal clear insight about my personal and professional life every time I receive a reading from her. She has been a great guide especially the times I got stuck in certain situations. Her approach is realistic but also soothing. Her predictions about my changing career situation have been just spot on over the last two years. I am a regular client of Suzy and definitely recommend her if you need an accurate reading with a great guidance. Thank you Suzy xx


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A Tarot Reading will help you by showing you what the hidden or subconscious underlying problems and issues may be if you are experiencing difficulties, loss, anxiety and stress.


My readings will help you to clear the confusion & doubt that may be causing blocks to your happiness, offering more peace and hope for the future. I am a Natural Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Empath and my job is to help my clients gain clarity and a more relaxed state of mind.

I like to help you by bringing clear insight, reminding you of your own inner strengths and enabling you to make the right decisions and choices for your unique circumstances.


I offer 3 different types of psychic readings, a mini 30 minute reading which is best suited for 1 area of difficulty, a 50 minute reading which gives enough time to explore 2 or 3 areas or a full 90 minute reading which will provide full answers to your current karmic situation,covering all areas in your life.


I use a variety of Tarot Decks and Oracle Decks to help me to connect to spirit for my clients,as a natural Psychic Clairvoyant I do receive messages from my guides through the messages and symbols of the Tarot cards which help me to successfully predict the future,I also use Astrological influences in my readings, this is where I focus on planetary transits and cycles and how they are influencing you at present and in the future, this is done by using Eastern Astrological techniques.


I often use Numerology which is the study of numbers and their influence on you, which is really useful If you want to find out your life path, personality details and relationship cycles.


I also provide past life reading, I can if you wish, link into your past lifes and your past life soul mate relationships to offer answers and explanations as to how your past life affects your present day life. This is provided during a past life hypnosis session and is used successfully to help you from repeating destructive patterns that may have been carried through into this life.


Past life readings can also give you very clear reasons and explanations as to why you act or think in a certain way. They can give you information and details on why you may avoid certain people and situations in this life and why you are attracted to specific people, behaviours,situations, places and patterns.


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