Law of Attraction Hypnotherapy

What is Law of Attraction Hypnotherapy?



The Law of Attraction is a system of thought which works on the belief that "like attracts like", that thoughts become things and that what you think creates what you receive in your life.The Law states that with positive thoughts positive situations, people and opportunities come into our life. If we tend to think in negative ways then we experience negative situations.


In order to work successfully with the Law of Attraction there are certain steps that need to be followed and much of the work is achieved by relaxing enough to become centred and clear in what we want and then staying focused and relaxed.


This can be the most difficult part as we are so often distracted by outside forces and people, because our concentration is lost.Meditation and Positive affirmations are very difficult to make time for in our busy lifes and although we can start with the best of intentions we find that the mind and body can become tired or overworked and we forget to stay positive and we forget to put ourselves first.


That is why I decided to create this service for people who wish to take control of their lifes and to keep the focus on the positive no matter what happens.


By using Hypnosis and NLP we can keep the minds focus on ONLY the positive.


It is very difficult to stay focused and to remember how to stay positive with stress and distractions from day to day living as we become overwhelmed by the needs of others and that is why the Law of Attraction Hypnotherapy sessions will help you.




Is it time to take charge of the situation, to be clear about what is acceptable or not acceptable about your current situation?


Are you ready to make a decision and make things happen instead of waiting for the right time?


Are you ready to give yourself permission to be happy, to do what is right for you, now?


Do you want to stay focused on your desires, intentions, dreams and priorities?


Are you commited to keeping your promises to yourself?


Are you ready to help your mind to be clear and focused?


What happens in the Law of Attraction 5 week Course?


One of the reasons I decided to become a fully certified Practitioner in Hypnosis, NLP and Hypnotherapy was because it is a very quick form of therapy, through Hypnosis results can be achieved within the very 1st SESSION.


You will always achieve positive results after the first session of Law of Attraction Hypnotherapy.


This course runs for 5 weeks and many of my clients find that they want or need to change more than one situation, habit or issue and that a weekly hypnosis seems to create quicker results, If you choose a bi-weekly course you still achieve the results you are looking for.


The first session is a 90 minute - 2 hour session depending on the circumstances. We discuss the issues surrounding you and your life as it stands, and I can use my tarot readings within this space if we need to uncover any hidden issues, depending on what you need.In pinpointing the problems and settling upon a specific plan we then introduce Hypnosis and set the intentions for your personal course.


Throughout the 5 weeks we will set up sessions for you to REMOVE and REPLACE Negatives and CREATE and MANIFEST Positives with OUTSTANDING Results.



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I also offer top up sessions and Meditation and Relaxation sessions that improve and increase the effects of the therapy after the course has finished.Law of Attraction Hypnotherapy can help you to manifest healthy and happy soul mate relationships, it can help you with any fears about giving and receiving love, it helps to open up your heart chakra and to be loving with yourself.


Law of Attraction Hypnotherapy can help you to take care of your body, through diet, sleep, exercise and detoxification, leaving you with an abundance of energy, peace and purpose.


Law of Attraction Hypnotherapy can help you to release any past hurts or pains or memories that may be blocking or slowing down the manifestation of your dreams and ambitions today. Helping to support you through all life changes, letting go of restrictive and limiting fears and beliefs, freeing you to live the life you want.


Law of Attraction Hypnotherapy can help you to leave behind toxic relationships or situations, quit your job to persue your dreams, move to a new location, start a new project without delay with NO MORE EXCUSES.



Law of Attraction Hypnotherapy is the best solution if you are looking to find help with the following areas:


Intuition Issues


We are each born with strong, clear and 100% accurate internal guidance systems. We sometimes call this intuition, Angelic or spirit guidance, our link to our Gods and Goddesses, connections that if we can correctly access will always tell us the truth. Unfortunately we forget how to listen to this, lacking trust with every knock and blow that we experience, we forget how to listen to that gut feeling and we choose with our heads or very often we tend to choose to ignore the intuition more and more as we allow the ego to take over, as we allow our fears and confusions to choose for us.


The conflict that we experience within ourselves in times of indecision, chaos and disharmony is always down to the battle between our intuition and our mind and this head and heart conflict, this fight between the divine and the human is where we run into some of our biggest and most important experiences and life challenges. Usually during this time of conflict and chaos this is where the soul grows the most and it is also where most of the suffering takes place. A place where we want to take control but find that we cannot do so.When we lose contact with our own intuition we lose our sense of personal power and we begin to doubt, hesitate and worry, we lose our sense of self. Law of Attraction Hypnotherapy reminds you how to trust your intuition and to go with your gut feelings without guilt or anxiety or worry, helping you to detach from any past issues that may be holding you back.


Finances and Career


Money and self esteem are specifically linked with eachother and if you feel undervalued, disillusioned or generally lost within your sense of self it will directly affect your finances and money flow. I can hep you to disantangle your financial pressures and to see a clear way forward by getting to the source of the issue by addressing the emotional elements involved. We ultimately strive to find happiness and joy in our work, an expressive, creative focus where we can contribute and feel successful, if this is not happening then we can find a way to resolve the situation. If there is a lack of balance in your present situation, if all you are experiencing is stress, worry, anxiety or depression then we can address the situation, discover a way forward so we can ultimately bring in a happy more fullfilling life.


Energy Levels.


Often we find that we have lots of focus and clarity, that we have the motivation and know how yet we cannot find the energy that is needed to push things forward. There are potentially many factors that can influence our energy levels, a number of possible combinations of conflicting internal and external forces that can stop us dead in our tracks preventing us from manifesting our goals.

This can be successfully addressed with a combination of healing therapies such as Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Chakra and Crystal Therapy by accessing and realigning the imbalances that will be occuring subconsciously.




Often we find that the greatest challenge in our life is that of finding true forgiveness to those who have deeply wounded us, let us down and broken our hearts. It is through finding the ability, courage and willingness to forgive we can free ourselves from negative and painful situations.


More often than not the emotional devestation that can result from trauma, loss and betrayal can stop us from achieving happiness, and once again we can become stuck in repetative thoughts, beliefs and behaviours of how we think we should be or how things should be, putting pressure on ourselves and others.


For many years I could not understand why I should forgive those who had purposefully hurt and damaged me, to those who had damaged and hurt my loved ones,however after years of practice and contemplation I discovered the strength and peace that is gained once the decision to forgive is made and maintained.


After speaking to many of my clients who had spoken to me of how they had forgiven unspeakable situations and experiences I was humbled to hear of the power of love, compassion and forgiveness, truly proving the immense transforming force of this sometimes seemingly impossible feat.

I can help my clients to find a clear way forward where forgiveness holds a critical part in manifesting positive change, allowing for peace and an abundance of joy.


Relationship Issues


Have you ever noticed that the more we often want to attract something, like our soul mate relationship the more we attract the wrong type of people and relationships, that stress and strain become more apparant and present when all we seem to be thinking about is finding love, we begin to think maybe it will never happen for me, maybe I will never find it, maybe theres something wrong with me.


We look around for understanding, sharing and belonging and when we cant seem to find it anywhere we start to compare ourselves to others, thinking we want what they have and gradually we can become drained, insecure, envious and depressed.


All we seem to attract is tension and stress and the wrong type of people and this can become a cycle, a habit that seems impossible to break. The same negative draining relationships seem to be the only thing attracted to you at this point and then we worry that we will have to settle and make do.


This is not what happens if you choose to change the habits and cycles of negative thinking and this is what Law of Attraction Hypnotherapy is aimed to help you with, it permanantly changes your focus on being rather than doing, it changes your mind, relaxing you enough to allow your soul mate to come in.


We are never really fully conscious of what mixed signals we give off and very often we think that we want love but actually our own defenses are stopping that love from coming in to find us, Using the techniques in the sessions you can stop the defence mechanism and allow yourself to find the relationship that is healthy and happy and strong rather than a mixed up ball of confusion and riddles.

Through clarity, clear sight and through presence you can cancel and delete all past destructive behaviours and tendencies and transform your relationships, manifesting, forming and maintaining a deep and joyful love.


Love Obsession


Becoming obsessed with love is never something we want to admit to but it happens easily, it happens frequently and it is actually a very natural and understandable coping mechanism after trauma and negative emotional experiences as it distances us from the chance of intimacy and from the possibility of getting hurt again.


Ultimately in order to feel a false yet very real feeling sense of control we hurt ourselves to stop others from hurting us, therefore we create a mode of self destruction, this is addiction and obsession.


In my many years of reading for clients I have found that thousands of my clients including myself have experienced a state of feeling addicted, overwhelmed and ultimately emotionally devestated from the result of a relationship breakup.


Not only the one time but a number of times, after one, another follows and another after that and again it begins a destructive cycle that we cannot seem to find a way to end.


We actually notice that we are only attracting destructive people into our lifes, we want commitment but we attract temporary, we want honest and loyal yet we attract liars and cheats. This is where we can see how complicated the subconscious mind can be, we are constantly in conflict within and therefore we are reflecting that in the external world, in our relationships.


Many people feel ashamed and guilty from such experiences and shut down from love completely, finding its easier not to go through it all again, this is of course unfair and wrong as how is it ever our fault that trust was broken by another, yet it remains fact that we either attract the wrong love or we keep it out permanantly, distracting ourselves, locking ourselves away.


There can be many factors as to why you experience such a relationship and why it becomes a cycle, each person unique and each with a solution and answer, these answers can be found in the sessions I provide and they can be stopped.


Co dependency Issues


Unhealthy addictive traits or compulsions in any relationship can create great damage and can harm a persons sense of self and self worth, in fact these behaviours are usually started from a low sense of self esteem.


If you are in a relationship where you find it difficult to trust your partner, if you find that you question your own self worth through the eyes of your partner then this may mean that you are experiencing a codependent relationship.


Need and compulsion, addiction and obsession are destructive factors and it may feel as though no progress is being made forward, that you are repeating old arguements, saying the same things over and over again and that there may be a break up cycle to the relationship, for example, you may be breaking up and seperating for a few weeks or months or even years, then finding that after some time apart you get back together, to find things are a little bit better for a little while before everything starts to repeat again.


Feeling stuck or on repeat like this is a sure sign of codepend behaviour, where you literally cannot live without eachother and its unhealthy and unhappy to live with eachother. This can be fixed by getting to the very root of the issue and Law of Attraction Hypnotherapy is dedicated to this kind of issue.


Deception, Lies and Falseness


Lies in any form in any relationship will have an ongoing negative effect and more often than not break the relationship down to a point of no return. Sometimes we lie to protect those we love and sometimes we can lie to ourselves for a limited time before things come crashing down and sometimes we have no choice but to make a decision, but by this time we may have lost our ability to trust ourselves and those around us.


Do you feel that you are living a lie, that someone important to you is lying to you, that they may be cheating or hiding things from you? Maybe you believe or know that youre partner is deceiving you and you may not know how to handle the choices and decisions you wish to make, not wanting any confrontation or arguements.


Perhaps you are the one wearing a mask, being the peacemaker yet never really feeling peace within, ignoring the truth, putting it off until the perfect time comes, yet it never arrives.

Maybe you know it is time to be honest, to come out of the comfort zone allowing yourself to find real, true love.

If you feel that you need guidance in this area then let me help you to make the changes in your life. In just one session you can get to the truth and permanantly remove any lies and deception from your life.


Issues in Expressing Intimacy and Love


Do you sometimes find it difficult and uncomfortable to honestly express your innermost thoughts, desires and wishes?

Do you long to connect with another yet find that shame, guilt, paranoia and fear take over, leaving you feeling frustrated, lonely and disconnected?, Law of Attraction Hypnotherapy removes blocks and allows you to give permission for love to come into your life.




Suzy Tweddle


Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist



Certified Energy Therapist


Reiki Master



Law Of Attraction Hypnotherapy


Each session is dedicated to your own personal and unique experience and situation offering a more effective result than generalised books, therapies and hypnotherapy sessions found on the internet.

Breaking down overwhelming goals into smaller steps immediately, you will experience life changing effects from the very first day

Bringing clarity to the fact that you are on the right path or bringing easy solutions to put you back onto the right path, helping you to detach from drama and issues that you dont want to be part of anymore.

If you are looking to make clear decisions The Law of Attraction Hypnotherapy course will help you to achieve the positive life change you need, manifesting the positive change you now want in your life in 5 weeks.


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