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"I visited Suzy for a reading after going through some major life changing events and found the messages I was given encouraging, and accurate. The reading gave me the affirmation I needed that the life path I had chosen was the right one and the future predictions have given me an incentive to move forward with confidence. I also visited Suzy for a session of hypnosis to help me with repetitive behaviour patterns that were affecting certain family relationships. It definitely helped and I feel more relaxed and stronger and life seems much more harmonious within my family. Suzy is lovely and I would certainly recommend her to anyone who needs an alternative method of healing. Trust me....taking a pill will not solve all your problems. The earth needs people like Suzy."


If you need answers involving personal spiritual matters, in love, relationships or in finances or career I will be able to help you as I give you clear understanding and explanation to the karmic issues that are at play in your life offering you inspired support to guide you through your journey with confidence and peace of mind.


I am a natural Clairvoyant, I connect with Spirit and I use My Tarot and Oracle cards to help me to link in with source, clearly exposing the current subconscious influences at work, as well as focusing on the people, situations and oppurtunities in your life which may or may not be helping you reach your best potential.


I will explain the Laws of Karma, of cause and effect and how these are personally affecting you so you can clearly make decisions best suited for you and your needs. I will help you to remove any blocks or manifestations that are creating personal obstacles allowing you to be fully aware of how you can improve your life, focusing on weakness and turning them into strengths.


My readings are specifically useful if you have become stuck or if you have lost direction, if you feel confused or unclear on decisions you wish to make then the cards will suggest and guide you into new directions, allowing you to start a new phase in your life.


My skills as a Qualified Therapist and Healer will enable you to unlock untapped potential, manifest abundance and clear any blocks or obstacles that may be causing feelings of anxiety, pain or pressnd for you at present.


If you have already started a new phase, relationship or business and wish to be reminded or reassured of specific factors, if you have specific questions or need validation that you are on the correct path then my readings are an excellent guide for you as they will raise any hidden issues that may still require your attention. My guides will also pick up on any physical, emotional or psychological factors that may need your attention.

If you choose to have a reading with me then all you have to do is follow the Paypal link on the bookings and prices page and follow instructions on how to book a time that is best for you, Alternatively you can call or email me to book in.


I offer telephone, Skype and face to face readings. Contact me TODAY on 0787 2000653


All Readings are channelled with the utmost integrity and if a link cannot be provided then a complete refund is provided, this service is unfortunately still categorised as a part of the entertainment industry and therefore is deemed as Entertainment purposes only.


What is a Psychic?

Most sources define a psychic as a person who has access to some sort of supernatural otherworldly powers, I like to think as it as a more of a natural power that is available to all, entitled to all. I am a professional Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Clairaudient, which means that I can see, feel and hear energies that are spoken softly below the surface of things, I have learnt to do this through meditation & relaxation and I work now teaching others to do the same. I work to a high professional standard doing so, I am able to guide and support you through difficult, unexplainable fears, feelings and experiences that you may be going through in career, relationships, family issues or spiritual affairs. Read Testimonials


I choose to use Tarot cards and Oracle cards to help to connect with spirit and to see the main issues that need to be discussed to help you.. I am a qualified Hypnotherapist & Counsellor, I am a Shamanic Reiki Practitioner and I am a Reiki Teacher. Read more about Suzy.





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Do you want to get confident and happy and stay confident and happy? Do you want to attract and keep new and exciting opportunities in life, in love and in your career? Then Book in for a session NOW.

Specialising In the following Areas

Love & Relationships

Manifesting Positive Changes

Relaxation Techniques

PTSD Management

Anxiety & Stress


Pain Management

Anger Management

Improving Self Esteem

Life Coaching

Mindfulness & Meditation

Specialising in the following Practices


NLP & CBT Counselling

Intuitive Counselling


Shamanic Practices

Relaxation Therapies

Holistic Life Coaching

Psychic Clairvoyant Readings

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